FTR 37

Capturing and exceeding some of the best tones offered by our favorite amp from Fullerton and our favorite amp from England, the FTR 37 from 1 to 10 can produce the most pure and bodied clean tones, to varying degrees of medium and over-the-top types of complex and full-bodied overdrive.
Coupled with the exterior switching/boost device, the Switchazel, the flexibility available in both channels, either separate or blended, offer an infinite array of guitar tones rarely thought possible for the music maker of today.

  • 37 Watt, Class AB1/A
  • Power Section - (4)6V6 GT
  • Tube rectified
  • 2 Discreet Channels with Reverb
  • Push/Pull Mid/Gain boost
  • Half Power Switch (drops output down to 18 watts)

EXCLUSIVELY celestion_guitar_logo EQUIPPED

Black, Cream, Forest Green, Purple, Plum, Red, Gold, Silver, Royal Blue, Orange, Navy Blue

The 37 does for the 6v6 what the 33 does for the 84 type tones. Big blackface cleans in the verb channel all the way up to great blues lead tones and more. THE CLICK CHANNEL IS THE KILLER! This channel is a cross breading of the best Fender tweeds and early Marshall tones with some of Fred's special added magic. The amp works as well through an open back 2-12 cab as it does through a closed back 4-12 and delivers the goods big time. NO PEDALS REQUIRED FOR LEAD TONES!!!
I only use gain pedals now when I am in a situation where I must play very quietly. One by one most of the effects have been put away for the live rig. I recently did a tour with this head, the switchhazel, and a guitar cable having the sound man do any echo or extra verb out front. Simple, beautiful, and tone that would give you happy feet. Thanks Fred! --Lance Keltner
I don't have anything that does what this does. Both your amps live with me and Michelle (Branch)...sound so f'in good...amazing. --John Shank
I'm really diggin' your amp. I'm getting almost Voxy tones in the studio. It's really lightening my load. I'm using it with the Switchazel in my live rig with Michelle and Lisa, and I won't leave home without it! --Nick Lashley
Love the amp. This is the one that's going on the road (with Jackson Browne). --Val McCallum
This is an outstanding line of amplifiers - of the best EVER made. They have their own unique personality, but as important, bold and strongly voiced as the very best of Vox, Marshall, Fender, etc. I've got the aforementioned amps in my studio and have spent many hours comparing and working with Fredric testing his amps. I've used one on every session since, and engineers and producers always comment on how fantastic it sounds.
So what DO they sound like? Tonally they're very full-ranged, and have the perfect balance of lows, mids and highs. Gain-wise, wherever you set the volume the sound is always inspiring: whether it be soft, clean and warm; loud, bitey and aggressively overdriven; or anything in between. You get a sound that makes you want to play your guitar and is extremely responsive to your touch. The reverb is huge and wonderfully smooth. Aesthetically the design is classy and the workmanship is superb inside and out.
Fredric is extremely knowledgeable from years inside countless amplifiers. This extensive experience along with his openness, inquisitive nature, quest for perfection and hard work has rewarded him, and all us seekers of great tone, with this absolutely stellar line of amplifiers. --Lyle Workman
Knocked out…hardly use anything else anymore. The Switchazel is permanently installed. --Joel Shearer
Love Rusty's sound on the record (recorded with 37 #2) --Paul McCartney
Fredric Taccone is a super talented guy who has created an amp that is as good as any amp on the planet. He belongs in the same league as Dumble and Fischer. I have played lots of Dumbles and a few Trainwrecks and this amp is as good as either but definitely has it's own sound and I love it.
The reverb channel in the amp reminds me of the best BF Deluxe Reverbs ever made but much bigger and tighter sounding...fills the room. Great cleans and a nice pushed clean tone. The Click channel is sweet as hell and a bit Marshally and Tweed. Very thick and round with infinite sustain and feedback at's very rich and alive. The Reverb is the best I have ever heard, and is extremely warm.
The D13 is as good as it gets and does what it does very well. I am very lucky to have one. --Steve Snider
Love the amp…made my day taking it out with Tom (Petty). Check out the sighting in the DVD (close up of ÷13 light logo) --Scott Thurston
Gets the call for my live touring rig…love the amp. --Brian Wooten