SJT 10/20


Keeping in the tradition and the voicing of its big brother, the FTR 37, the 10/20 offers a few exclusive features making it ideal for smaller gigging and recording situations. The 10/20 offers 20 Watts in the Class AB1/A mode, and 10 Watts in the Hard Class A mode for more of your 50's style Tweed tones. Both channels found in the FTR 37 are made available via the two input jacks in the 10/20. There is an additional flattening/ dampening switch offered for optional control at all levels, as well as a push/pull mid/gain boost. The 10/20 is a true winner and a very versatile amp in the 10 to 20 watt category.


  • 20 Watt, Class AB1/A
  • 10 Watt, Class A, Cathode Biased
  • Power Section - (2)6V6 GT
  • Tube rectified
  • Voicing and gain structure offered via input jacks
  • Reverb
  • Push/Pull Mid/Gain boost
  • Dampening/Flatte

EXCLUSIVELY celestion_guitar_logo EQUIPPED


Black, Cream, Forest Green, Purple, Plum, Red, Gold, Silver, Royal Blue, Orange, Navy Blue