RPB 19/37
egg and blue
The SJT 37 has been "pulled for
redesign"....it was basically the FTR with a 2 tube back end (EL34's)
and although it had it's "own sound" people went for the FTR because it
went to half power and more features etc, etc, etc,..... i am now proud
to announce that it has been re-released as the

RPB 19/37 !!

Like the JRT, has 2 sets of power tubes that you can switch back and
forth from via the toggle in front, producing 19 watts with 2x6V6GT's
and 37 watts with 2xEL34's, it has all the same sounds and features as
the original SJT 37 but with the "added" feature of a lower power amp
WITH IT'S OWN SOUND more like the FTR 37 in half power,.. so it is truly
like having two amps in one !!