JRT 9/15

Two amps in one?
With an overly stout and painstakingly developed power supply made to accommodate two sets of power tubes, the JRT 9/15 offers the biggest sound in a low wattage amplifier heard to date.
Starting from right to left, the single input of the amplifier (high and low sensitivity) feeds the inputs of two 5879 Pentodes, each with its own volume control and blendable. Each is voiced differently: one is brighter with more clean headroom while the other is gainier and thicker in the low mids. Added to this volume is a 6 position switch which offers a "bright cap" selection. The last knob is a high cut for the overall amplifier. The "Mode" toggle provides a selection of either 9+ Watts with 6V6s, or 15+ Watts with EL84s, offering and exceeding the best tones available in some of our favorite late 50's American 6V6 amplifiers, and our favorite EL84/EL34 English amplifiers.
Don't be fooled by its size; this one sounds huge!
*Debuted with Frank Simes -- Don Henley Tour, 2004


  • 9 Watt, (2) 6V6 Mode, Cathode Bias Class A
  • 15 Watt, (2) EL84 Mode, Cathode Bias Class AB1
  • Tube Rectified
  • Single Channel, Dual Modes (selectable via toggle switch)
  • Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone, Cut

EXCLUSIVELY celestion_guitar_logo EQUIPPED

Black, Cream, Forest Green, Purple, Plum, Red, Gold, Silver, Royal Blue, Orange, Navy Blue


Just wanted to drop you a note, couldn't be happier with the 9/15! Many tone options with the two pentode controls, cut and tone click. This beast roars for a small amp!. Both EL84 and 6V6 are happening. Used with a closed 2x12 h30-v30 combo and it sounds great. I hear a little Vox 15, Fender DR and 20 watt Marshall but bigger and better with it's own thing going on.
My Hero!
The new amp is out of control good. My sound has never been better. It is my favorite amp. More so than my trusted AC30! That's a fact Jack!
I saw an edit of the video tonight. I think you will be quite pleased! Prime coverage. As much as me :)
So Nick mentioned today something about the spare cab. I was just waiting to hear from you on that. I can have my Tech bring it to you? I kept it around and Nick used it in the video! Those fuckers wanted to use Marshalls. NO Way! It all worked out in the end.
So let me know when a good time to get the cabinet back to you is and the address you want it to go to.
You are a god! My amp guru!
All the best
--Mike Lockwood
Hi Fred,
Thanks very much for hooking me up with the frayed black hat and speaker cables. I really appreciate it. Feel free to add this to your customer testimonial section for the 9/15 amp:
I just received my new JRT 9/15 amp and am completely floored by what this amp can do! I have always wanted an amp that is as diverse as my musical influences and this amp really covers the spectrum- and then some. In the 6v6 mode, I'm able to get tones reminiscent of early Billy Gibbons, SRV, and Ronnie Wood and with the flip of the switch to the EL84 mode, I feel like I'm in the studio recording with Kiss or Deep Purple. I play guitars with P-90's, single coils, and humbuckers and this amp complements them all! Unbelievable! I must say that the JRT 9/15 along with the Joyride pedal is everything I've ever wanted in an amp. The elusive tones I've always tried to get from several different amps is finally at my fingertips on one gorgeous purple masterpiece! It's truly the pinnacle of tube amps and a testament to the pure engineering genius of Fred at Divided By 13.
Thanks again Fred! Customer for life,
--Sajjad Khan