RSA 31

egg and pippen

Refined and voiced closer to our favorite EL84 30 Watt amplifier from England, the RSA 31 offers a little more pronounced midrange and is a little more aggressive than the ERT 33, but still retains a tight, punchy lower end and has half power potential
Channel One is laid out with Volume, Treble, "Middle", and Bass controls, giving the player the ability to move around the most important "Middle" of this type of amplifier format. And rounding it off, Channel Two remains the now familiar, gainier "Click" Channel powered by a 5879 Pentode with an adjustable frequency range and volume control.
RSA 31s -- Now available in a smaller, one channel version to go with 2x12D cabinet "Small Club Series", or whichever cabinet you prefer.


  • 30+ Watt, Cathode Biased, Class AB1
  • Power Section - (4) EL84
  • Tube Rectified
  • CH1 -- Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass
  • CH2 -- ÷13 5879 Powered w/ Volume and adjustable freq. range

EXCLUSIVELY celestion_guitar_logo EQUIPPED


Black, Cream, Forest Green, Purple, Plum, Red, Silver, Royal Blue, Orange, Navy Blue


Hey Fred,
I never got a chance to thank you for building the coolest amp ever built.
I'm playing in a new band (Sony) called "Big Al and the Crumbs". I used the amp on Ney Year's eve and the whole band was blown away.
These are the A team in Nashville:
Big Al Anderson - has written hundreds of hits and was in NRBQ for 22 years. He has 13 cuts on the new Vince Gill album.
Reese Wynans on keys - was Stevie Ray Vaugn's keyboard guy from start to finish and is now a Nashville session ace.
Glen Worf on bass - has done all of the big hits out of Nashville and has been touring with Mark Knopfler for 10 years.
Chad Cromwell drums - Chad took a break from touring with Neil Young for this gig and will join us for a short East Coast romp.
Jim Chapdelaine guitar, mando, slide, vocals - producer, writer for TV and East Coast session player
Man, that amp rocked!!
Thanks Fred, it' sounds amazing. (and congrats to Lyle!)
--Jim Chapdelaine